Year: 2020


What to do in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most exclusive destinations in Southeast Asia Lights and skyscrapers contrast with the most traditional Chinese, Indian and Arab customs Singapore has little to do with the surrounding countries. Perhaps the city of Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, is its closest simile, but it has grown in an atmosphere of luxury, money […]

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Ethnic Barrios of Singapore

Being Singapore a city formed by a mix of cultures, it is also reflected in the composition of the city, thus appearing three main neighborhoods, named ethnic neighborhoods: Little Italy Chinatown Kampong Glam In each of them you will find one of the three main cultures in the country. Marked in each neighborhood mainly in […]

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History of Singapore’s education system

Until 1965, when Singapore became an independent republic, its population lived mostly as simple fishermen, and the illiteracy rate was very high. In fact, when Great Britain withdrew Singapore’s status as a British colony, this small country was so poor that no other nation wanted to take over its territory. Only 40 years later, it […]

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The history of Singapore

After everything that happened during the 19th century in Singapore, which you can discover in The History of Singapore: the Foundation and the Colonial Period, today we are going to enter the first part of the 20th century. During this period, from the beginning of the century until 1965, Singapore will go from being a […]

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Singapore long-term socio-economic sustainability

For decades (if not centuries), several countries have been searching for the ideal socioeconomic formula for neither the labor force nor the productive fabric to fall into lethal technological obsolescence. On the other hand, in the context of exponential technological progress that we are witnessing today, this danger is more tangible today than ever before […]

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