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Singapore is a place that most people first associate with bans. There is something in it, and perhaps the most famous ban in Singapore is a complete ban on chewing gum. Yes, you heard right, chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore. There are many more bans, such as no eating on the subway.

It is always warm in Singapore

Singapore is located less than 140 kilometers north of the equator. This location on the globe guarantees stable, warm weather. In practice, it is almost always around 30+ degrees in Singapore. Also, if you want to get warm, no matter what time of year it is, then Singapore is the perfect place.

Singapore has never recorded a minus temperature and is among the 11 countries in the world that can boast such a record. The lowest temperature recorded in Singapore was 18.9 degrees, while the highest was 36.

Singapore is the city of lion

Listing interesting facts about Singapore, it is impossible not to mention that Singapore is called the Lion City, and its symbol is half lion, half fish. However, let’s start with the name. The name Singapore in Sanskrit language should be separated.

The symbol of Singapore is the Merlion, the original of which stands opposite the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and a much larger copy on Sentosa Island. The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Its name also has two parts: “mer” meaning sea and “lion” meaning lion. Merlion’s fish body represents Singapore’s origins as a fishing village, and the lion’s head refers to the city’s original name.

Police in the toilets

Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world. The penalties for littering in this country are very strict and ruthlessly enforced. This is where the famous ban on chewing gum comes in handy. This ban was not introduced because the Singaporean government does not like gum, but because they had a big problem with gum spitting out everywhere and sticking to the streets. As a result, chewing it was banned and the problem was solved.

And what about those toilets? If you go to Singapore and a policeman enters the public toilet after you have used it, don’t be surprised. Singapore is crazy about cleanliness, so policemen check if you have left the toilet tidy, if not then you will face punishment.

Death penalty in Singapore

Bans in Singapore are inextricably linked with this city and are often commented on. In fact, there are quite a few bans and one of them is the ban on eating and drinking on the subway. Along with these bans, come large fines, so it doesn’t pay to bend the law.

However, in addition to the many, often surprising bans that can be listed as curiosities about Singapore, this city also has the death penalty. Very briefly: if you import or deal drugs or commit rape in Singapore, the punishment for these offenses is the death penalty.

How big is Singapore?

While listing interesting facts about Singapore it is impossible not to mention the size of this city-state. No wonder, because Singapore is about 80 kilometers from west to east and 40 kilometers from north to south. The area of Singapore is 721.5 square kilometers, where more than 5.5 million people live.

Interesting facts about Singapore and its wealth

Singapore is a small country, but very often described as a country where one can live very well. This has of course to do with Singapore’s location on the map and the constant temperature there, but also for economic reasons.

Interesting facts about elections in Singapore

In Singapore compulsory voting and the turnout is always close to 100%. Isn’t it a great solution?

In Singapore the most popular is …

You would think that the most popular object in Singapore would be Merlion or DNA Bridge. But no, the most popular property in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is also the most photographed landmark in the country.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is huge and impressive, but it is not the only huge attraction in Singapore. Singapore is home to the tallest man-made waterfall under the roof. Until recently, it was a waterfall located in Cloud Forest.

Breathing easy in Singapore

It may seem that Singapore, which is one of the biggest financial centers in the world, huge port and large agglomeration will be engulfed by smog. Of course smog is present in Singapore, but Singapore has also a huge weapon to fight it.

And what is it? It is the ubiquitous greenery. Singapore is one of the greenest places in the world and almost half of its land is covered with greenery. It is beautiful there!